Accurate Network Solutions Community Work

At Accurate, computers are our business, but people are our jam: we exist to improve the lives of those around us. That's why we're trying to give back to our Calgary and Edmonton communities by using our unique resources and skill sets.


Our work at Boyle Street Education CEntre (BSEC)

Boyle Street Education Centre is an alternative education centre supporting youth in Edmonton who have previously experienced interruptions in their formal learning, usually as a result of trauma. Once a year, Accurate offers a 6-week Introduction to IT Support course to BSEC students. Through the course, students gain a basic understanding of computer hardware, networking, and troubleshooting; students interested in learning more at the end of the course have the option to participate in a 1-week paid work experience at the Accurate office.


OUR work with Youth Empowerment and Support Services (YESS)

Youth Empowerment and Support Services is an organization providing immediate emergency shelter and continued support programs to youth in Edmonton experiencing difficult situations. Accurate has partnered with YESS in several ways, including providing IT consultation and hosting fundraising events. Accurate staff have also visited YESS to cook lunch and hang out with youth staying there.


We're always searching for new partnership opportunities. If you know how we can fill a need in our Edmonton and Calgary, let us know.