IT, Outsourced

Accurate Total Support

Allow our friendly techs to take care of your IT (so you don’t have to)—it’s the whole IT enchilada, so to speak. Clients with Managed IT Services get the full benefit of our Proven Process: more than a simple break-fix model, our Proven Process is a proactive approach aimed at making your technology a joy to use.  

Everything you need, all the time

One fixed-fee package including all the below services, no surprises.

Unlimited On-Demand IT

A personalized helpdesk offering rapid remote assistance for any technology challenge you encounter, 24/7/365. We pride ourselves on handling every request with the utmost attention to detail.

Monitoring & Updates

Real live humans actively monitoring your systems and responding to alerts to prevent disruptions. Behind the scenes, we’ll make sure preventative tasks are scheduled so you can enjoy smooth sailing.

Backup & Continuity

A sophisticated backup solution coupling restorative functions with complete continuity, so your business can be up and running within minutes or hours of loss of infrastructure—not days or weeks.

Documentation & Asset Management

Award-winning, SOC 2 certified tools for secure and proactive recordkeeping. We’ll manage your technical equipment and ensure your licenses, software and subscriptions stay up-to-date.

Technology Procurement

Technical expertise and buying power to help you purchase quality equipment and software at the best prices.

Security Essentials

AI-powered defense software that goes beyond standard antivirus to secure your environment from common threats. Take security to the next level with our Accurate Protect offering.

Onsite Services

Unlimited onsite service, whenever you need it. Allow us to fiddle with those pesky cords for you, so you can get back to work.

Our Proven Process

Here's where the magic happens


We’ll look at what you want, what you need, and what’s not working. Then we’ll put a plan in place, tailored specifically to your unique business.


Quite simply, we’ll make it better. We’ll implement the plan to make your IT infrastructure the best that it can be.


We’ll cover all the bases to ensure your environment is secure from modern-day threats and blacklist all the known bad stuff on the web.


The best part? We ensure your IT plan continues to work for you long after we’ve implemented it. We’ll continually work to refresh and improve your IT system.

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