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There’s no magic without the team. Our big-hearted people are the key to our success.

We’re team first

We understand the client experience can never exceed that of the employee’s experience. We will make tough decisions to protect our winning team.

We bring solutions

We think outside the box and embrace creative thinking to defeat any challenge.

We’re always learning

We learn and embrace constant change. We embrace growth.

We do what we say

We are dependable and reliable. We follow up and follow through.

Team stories

What it’s like to work at Accurate, straight from the people who do.

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At Accurate, I feel so supported by the team and leadership in my personal and professional life, including completing 2 certifications (so far, with more to come), moving onto the Optimize team, and achieving some of my weight-lifting goals. I’ve learned so much from everyone that I’ve had the pleasure to work with.


Implementation Specialist

On my first day, I took my shoes off when I came through the entrance doors. Not something I would normally do—there weren’t shoes stacked at the doors to prompt me to take my shoes off. I just felt compelled to do so because Luke made me feel so welcome and at home, as did the rest of the staff. My favorite part of working at Accurate is the company’s mantra of “bettering the lives of those we work with,” and we truly do live and lean into that. So many great experiences and memories . . . and a great team that’s always there to support each other.


Technical Account Manager

I had the pleasure of being an Accurate client over a decade ago, and I liked them so much, I bided my time until they had a position for me. I started in the role of Service Coordinator, but as it became apparent that my interests and strengths would serve better in a different capacity, the Communications position was built for me. My voice and opinion and unique skills matter at Accurate. It is a joy to be a part of this team.


Communications Coordinator

Joining the Accurate team was eye-opening for me, as I had never worked at a company with such an uplifting culture and so much collective knowledge. This has been driving me daily to push myself and strive for excellence. My experience here has been nothing short of amazing. I look forward to our continued growth as individuals and as an organization.


Technical Account Manager

Why you’ll love working here

We offer competitive salaries, health and wellness benefits, bonuses, and flexible hybrid work options—but so do a lot of other companies. What makes Accurate stand out from the herd? 

We value your personal and professional growth

At Accurate, you’ll have the opportunity to grow upwards in your career. From Admin to HR, Technical Analyst to Project Manager, we want to help you advance your career and achieve your personal goals. We foster a culture of learning and offer a generous professional development allowance.

Responsive leadership that listens and cares

You’re not a cog in a giant, immoveable, unthinking machine—be a part of a company where your voice is valued and your business ideas can be put into motion. Share your honest opinions with your Team Lead and be amazed at the supportive response.

We’re a “nerf-gun type” office, or something like that

Life’s too short to work with people you dislike. We focus on building a diverse crew of good and talented people, and we work hard to stay connected through thoughtful (and fun!) social events and community volunteering. Cheers to being in good company.

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We have a three-step interview process. First, our resident HR specialist will call you to complete a phone interview; next, you’ll meet with your department manager for an in-person or virtual interview. In the final phase, you’ll be invited for a job shadow in which you can visit the office, meet the team, and get a first-hand preview of the job to see if we’re a good fit for each other.

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