Proactive cybersecurity using the most advanced technologies

Accurate Protect

Our toughest security offering yet, Accurate Protect takes advantage of the latest technologies available to provide maximum protection against insider threats, ransomware, phishing, and human error. This multi-layered approach is designed to prevent, detect, and minimize security breaches in the ever-evolving landscape of cybercrime.

A bonus? Added security translates into savings on your Cyber Insurance.

The “big guns” of endpoint user protection

A comprehensive approach at one fixed monthly fee per user.

User-Awareness Training

Safeguard your business by educating your frontline. Ongoing, individualized cybertraining and phishing simulations to help your staff recognize and respond to threats with confidence.

Vulnerability Scanning

Daily vulnerability scans to check for weaknesses in your business’s cyber defenses, with recommendations for improvements from our security experts.

Enhanced Email Brand Security

Thwart user-impersonation attempts with special tools to detect and respond to abnormal email activity among your staff.

Premium AI Threat Detection

Sniff out highly-disguised malware with Endpoint Detect and Respond (EDR) technology. Block viruses and malware in real time, without reliance on old-school antiviral signatures.

Web Filtering

Reduce the risk of cyberattacks by blocking user access to disreputable and/or unsafe websites.

24/7 Security Investigation & Remediation

Get the jump on cybercriminals with real time alerting and response to security concerns as they happen. All day, every day.

Security Policy Management

Allow us to take care of the details of your company’s security policy, including acceptable use and multifactor authentication standards. We also work with your insurance provider to keep your cybersecurity coverage up to date.

Optional Advanced Firewall Security

Options to extend advanced security measures following the expiry of the protections included with your original firewall purchase.

Our Proven Process

Here's where the magic happens


We’ll look at what you want, what you need, and what’s not working. Then we’ll put a plan in place, tailored specifically to your unique business.


Quite simply, we’ll make it better. We’ll implement the plan to make your IT infrastructure the best that it can be.


We’ll cover all the bases to ensure your environment is secure from modern-day threats and blacklist all the known bad stuff on the web.


The best part? We ensure your IT plan continues to work for you long after we’ve implemented it. We’ll continually work to refresh and improve your IT system.

Ready to get started?