NVIDIA Shield Media Player

What can’t you do with this device? Let’s go over some of the features together shall we?


  • Kodi TV available

  • Old game system emulators such as N64, GameCube, Super Nintendo.

  • Android Apps can be installed such as Netflix, Spotify & YouTube.

  • This console comes with a high-quality remote control that can be customized to any of your emulated gaming systems. Both the controller and remote have mics on them; great for gaming and google voice to command your device to do various tasks such as voice search.

  • This device also has bluetooth on it so you can connect your wireless headsets, soundbars even external microphones.

  • The most appealing thing about this device is you can stream your games right from your computer with Nvidia Geforce now and connect your steam account and play your steam games.

  • Chrome Cast is built right in!

This nifty device also offers free Nvidia games and ones you can purchase!

Okay this all sounds great, but what does it look like?


What a beaut, but how do I cast games?

  • Open GeForce Experience and log in

  • Go to Settings > SHIELD and enable Gamestream

  • Open the NVIDIA Games app on your SHIELD device and go to My Library > Set up GameStream


Log in with the same account used in earlier