How to setup mailbox rules with an Alias email (not what you think)

Have you tried setting up mailbox rules for an Alias email of yours and it didn’t work?

There’s a very specific way to setup mailbox rules for an Alias email, today I’ll show you how:

Alias Rules won't work in outlook if you're using "the recipient is" or the "Specific words in recipient address" rule.

You need to create a rule to pull the Alias out of the Header FIRST, then you can create your subsequent rules.

You do this by clicking New Rule in Manage Rules and Alerts:


Start from a blank rule and apply the following:


Select "With Specific Words in Message Header"


Click Specific words and add your Aliases


Add and click ok:


Click Next

Now you're taken to the wizard where you can decide what you want the rule to do, now that it is pulling the alias email out of the email header.


You can now continue with setting up your rules as normal.