How to Get Free Google Play Credit on Your Android Phone

Do you ever find yourself browsing the Google Play Store unsure if you want to drop a few bucks on an app or a movie rental? Would you be more inclined to spend that money if it didn’t come out of your bank account? Let me introduce you to Google Opinion Rewards!


What is it?


Google Opinion Rewards is an app that occasionally sends you small multiple-choice surveys. These surveys are typically 1-3 questions long and are often based on data gathered from the location services on your phone. You may be asked if you went grocery shopping, stayed at a hotel, or ate at a restaurant.


Completing these surveys typically takes about 15 seconds and they pay out anywhere from 10 cents to a dollar in Google Play Store credit which can be used for apps, movie rentals, e-book purchases – virtually anything you can spend money on within the Android ecosystem.


Does it really work?


It sure does! I’ve had the app installed for a while now and I’ve earned over $116 in credits. I’ve purchased tons of games, premium apps, and movies without spending a cent of my own money. However, keep in mind that you must answer the surveys honestly – if you claim to have stayed at a hotel in Quebec when your phone has never left Alberta, Google may flag your account for giving dishonest answers and you’ll stop receiving surveys.


If you like the idea of free apps for minimal effort, download Google Opinion Rewards and start earning Google Play Store credit today!