How to Block Chrome From Sending you Notification

Have you started receiving notifications like this in the notification bar of your Windows 10 action center? -- You find these when you click the action center icon (bottom right of your Taskbar ):


Those notifications are websites that have been given permission to send you notifications and usually come from a pop-up like this:


or from a pop-up like this:


The good news is you can block these notification requests.


In your Chrome browser click the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of your browser and then select Settings from the list of options:


This will open the settings menu. You can navigate down the list to Advanced, then Site Settings, and then click Notifications -- or you can just type β€œNotifications” in the top search bar like this:


Then seeing that notifications is in Site Settings is much simpler:


Once you open the notification menu, disable the option: Ask before sending (recommended).


Once notification requests are blocked it will look like this:


On this same page you will see two lists.

-          Block

-          Allow

Remove websites from the Allow list by clicking the three dots next to it and choosing either Block or Remove:


These steps will ensure that no websites will send you any more notifications to your Windows 10 action center!