We Bring You Meeting Organizer Tools!

If you’ve ever tried to organize a group of people both at work and at home, you’ll find that the most difficult part is finding that magical date that works for everyone.  Usually we will see an email thread about 30 messages deep with a lot of back and forth on the date and time.  Or perhaps some people can make it, while other can’t, causing some unwanted friction in the group. 

 When you search for a meeting organizer tool you will most likely be overloaded with options.  In this tech tip we’ve distilled it down to two products that we think can help you on your cat herding journey.


The Winner for Business Meetings:  Microsoft Find Time


 A professional meeting organizer that will integrate with Outlook and send out meeting organization requests that work on a variety of platforms.  Your colleagues and friends can respond to you either through their email client, mobile phone browser, or internet browser.  Note: your meeting attendees do not need Outlook or Office 365 to reply to your meeting request. 

The interface is slick and professional looking, with bonus integrations for those who use Office 365.  We’d recommend this to busy professionals looking to save a ton of time! 



The Winner for the Everyday Life:  Doodle


 Doodle has been around forever, and they seem to be very diligent about keeping the interface and features up to date.  One of the strengths of doodle is the sign up process, which is effortless.  You can get started without creating an account or installing any software.  Folks have most likely seen a Doodle before so they will know how to use the program when they receive an invite.  If you are planning your next group night out and they see an invite like this, they know you mean business.