Listen to Apple Music Without Installing iTunes

If you’re an Apple Music subscriber, or have a massive iTunes collection, you may want to listen to it when your phone or home computer aren’t available (at work, for example). Before, you’d need to install iTunes, or use your phone/tablet… enter


Thin music is a web player that’ll allow you to stream your Apple Music account and your iCloud Music Library from any browser. You just need to sign in with your apple account by clicking the gear, and you’ll be playing your library, playlists and artists in no time!


How to Block Chrome From Sending you Notification

Have you started receiving notifications like this in the notification bar of your Windows 10 action center? -- You find these when you click the action center icon (bottom right of your Taskbar ):


Those notifications are websites that have been given permission to send you notifications and usually come from a pop-up like this:


or from a pop-up like this:


The good news is you can block these notification requests.


In your Chrome browser click the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of your browser and then select Settings from the list of options:


This will open the settings menu. You can navigate down the list to Advanced, then Site Settings, and then click Notifications -- or you can just type “Notifications” in the top search bar like this:


Then seeing that notifications is in Site Settings is much simpler:


Once you open the notification menu, disable the option: Ask before sending (recommended).


Once notification requests are blocked it will look like this:


On this same page you will see two lists.

-          Block

-          Allow

Remove websites from the Allow list by clicking the three dots next to it and choosing either Block or Remove:


These steps will ensure that no websites will send you any more notifications to your Windows 10 action center!

Quick Access to Emoji's and Symbols in Windows 10

If you ever wrote an email or document, you know how inconvenient can be to remember the “Alt” key codes or having to search online to insert symbols (such as more than and less than, arrows, etc.) into your text or social media post.


Starting with the May 2019 Update, you’ll find an updated version of the emoji panel (Windows key + ;) that includes a section to quickly find and insert symbols and even kaomoji (face characters).

As part of the symbols, you’ll find sections for punctuation, currency, geometric, math, Latin, and language symbols. In addition, as you pick them, the most commonly used symbols, the recently used tab will populate with them, so it will be even easier to select them next time.

Here is a quick look at what options are available to you with this quick shortcut access:


How to Enable God Mode

Hate all the mindless clicking around whenever you want to complete an administrative task or change a setting. Searching for through menu after menu, window after window can be a pain. Until now... back by popular demand from the loving developers at Microsoft GOD MODE.

God mode is a centralized location to access many of your operating systems settings however is not available by default. The process to obtain this powerful tool is quite simple.

On your local Desktop, right click and Select New followed by Folder. (Must be an Administrator)


Once created, rename the folder to the following:


Open the folder and reap the benefits of the long list of easily accessible tools.