Windows 10 Aero Shake

Did you know that Windows 10 has a feature that will allow you to quickly minimize all windows except for the one that you are working on? Well, it does.

Simply click and hold the top of the window, as if you are going to move the window, then give it a little shake. Just like that, you are left with only the window which you are working on.


Maybe you’ve been in a situation where that happened by accident. AHHHHHHH, how do I turn this off?? By following these steps (this is for more advanced users).

1.       Search and open Edit group policy.

2.       In the next window that opens, on the left-hand side, expand User Configuration > Administrative templates

3.       Click on Desktop but do not expand it. Now on the right-hand side, you will see an item called “Turn off Aero Shake window minimizing mouse gesture”. Right click on that and select edit.

4.       On the next windows that opens, click enable on the left and then click apply.

5.       Last step. Log out and log back in!

That’s it! You’ll never accidentally minimize all but one of your windows again.