Shortcut Keys

Did you know… 
Most of us rely on a keyboard at one point or another during the day to complete the tasks in front of us.  With so many hot keys and shortcut keys, it’s difficult even for an experienced IT professional to keep track of them all. 

This edition of the Accurate Networks Tech Tip will highlight just a few of these tricks that can be put to use while typing on a keyboard. 

Typing Tricks and Tips 

Deleting an entire word: 
Need to get rid of an entire word?  Most of us will press the backspace key repeatedly until the word we want to remove is gone, one character at a time.  There is a more effective way to get rid of a whole word in less time with less keypresses.  Try pressing CTRL + Backspace.  This will remove an entire word at once. 
Paste copied text, but remove the formatting: 
You’ve copied some text from another document but it contains formatting that you don’t wish to retain.  The simplest way to accomplish this task is to press CTRL + ALT + V which will bring up the Paste Special dialogue box.  Here you can choose several different options for pasting – Unformatted Text being the option that relates to this tip.


Keyboard Shortcuts 


Take a screen shot, but only of the active window you are working on
(Handy when you don’t want to capture 2 screens worth of open windows) Press ALT + PrtScn.  The image you then paste will only contain the window/app you were currently working in. 

Undo the last action(s) you made
Pressing CTRL + Z will undo the last thing you did.  Repeated use of this shortcut will continue undoing changes.  This shortcut will undo everything from the last word typed to undoing a moved or deleted file. 

Cycle through open windows
You could click through all the running application icons you have sitting down on your start bar OR you could use the ALT + TAB buttons to cycle from application to application.  Holding down the ALT key while pressing TAB will bring up a frame showing you all the applications you have open – repeatedly tapping the TAB key will cycle through each one.  When you have found the open application you are looking for, release the Alt key and it will make that your active window.  A more stylish version of this can be found by using the WindowsKey + Tab. 


There are so many shortcuts to choose from it would take a novel to cover them all.   We find that the shortcuts we shared with you are the ones we use the most.  Hopefully they help make your typing experience easier and more enjoyable. 

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