How to Address Slow Computer Startup

Overtime a computer can get bogged down. This can be for various reason although a heavy contributor is the sheer number of programs installed.  Although having many programs wont necessary be the problem. Many software installs have the program load during startup by default which overtime can delay performance and wait times.

A simple and effective way to increase boot times and save some headaches is by using a utility called msconfig.

  • From the start menu type msconfig.exe and load the utility

  • Once loaded click on the Startup tab

  • Here you will find all the software that is set to load when logging in to your computer, It may appear daunting however many items can be disabled without causing any issues with your PC.


Items like Adobe, Dropbox, Java, Java updater or any other programs that may not be opened as soon as you begin working or used infrequently can have their checkbox removed.

Reboot the device and reap the benefits!