Managed Total Data Security Service

Protect your business and ensure rapid recovery of files and entire business systems in the event of disaster.


Server Backup

Ultra-secure, Canadian server backup. We offer the best technology in backup and data security to match today's ever-evolving cyber threats. Monitored by our team, 24/7.

Restore a Server Crash

Restore critical servers within minutes (not days, not weeks) for total continuity. Backup and data security technology to ensure your systems and data remain safe and available.

Remote Server Access Anytime, Anywhere

Make work as fun on the road as it is in the office with secure access to your server from any location and any screen within minutes. Fast, easy, and glitch-free.


How our Managed Security Service Works

The best technology available today, in a nutshell: snapshots of your entire server are taken frequently throughout a day and automatically scanned for viruses. These snapshots are stored locally on a backup appliance and then copied to “the Cloud”—3 redundant data centers in Canada. Your data never leaves Canada and can be stored for an infinite amount of time. Most importantly, your data is protected from a central spot so you never lose control of it, for Total. Data. Security.